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Night Lights

Night Rating

Pilot Training


Take to the skies after the sun goes down.

Night Flying is spectacular; at night you will be able to see the blinding city lights below illuminating the skies and generally affords an entirely different experience to daytime flying.

The Pre-requisite for the Night Rating course is the Private Pilot License.


The Course...

You will initially become familiarised with flying at night with the differences in human factors adapting yourself to the dark environment.

Take-off and Landing is completely different and you'll learn to take-off and land with the runway lights at Prestwick before the Instructor asks for some of them to be turned off; simulating emergency procedures.

You will then learn to navigate at night using key landmarks, shapes of cities and maps at night.

The course finishes with a solo night flight demonstrating your abilities of the take-off and landing phases.


Tests & Examinations

The course is assessed by your highly qualified flying instructor throughout finishing with a solo flight.


Ready to get started & Learn More Information?

To find out more information on this course then contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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