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Above the Clouds

Instrument Rating (Restricted)

Pilot Training


Learn to fly on instruments.

The Instrument Rating (Restricted) or otherwise known is IRR is a rating that allows you to pilot your aircraft in reduced visibility and in-cloud weather; conducting departures and arrivals and navigating in 'Instrument Meteorology Conditions'.

The entry requirements for this course are: Private Pilot License with 25 hours total experienced following the issue of the license along with 10 hours of Pilot In Command experience of which 5 hours is Cross Country flying.


The Course...

You will become familiarised with the planning stages of flight in Instrument Conditions including departure and arrival procedures, before learning how to operate an aircraft solely on instruments with no outside references.

Simulating failures of instruments with Partial Panel and recovery from unusual attitudes.

There is a level of ground study and theoretical knowledge you will require to learn; including physiological factors, flight instruments, navigation and information relating to the Instrument Rating (IRR).


Tests & Examinations

The assessment is by a 25 multi-choice theoretical knowledge examination along with an IRR Flight Test with a CAA Examiner.


Ready to get started & Learn More Information?

To find out more information on this course then contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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